The Side Opening T-Shirt by Wearable and Co

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The Side Opening T-shirt is a closet staple that is perfect for every occasion, presented in a minimalistic style and reinvented with our unique inclusive design aspects. 

Featuring innovative inclusive features to help the dressing process becomes easier and enables you to dress independently without needing help from others. 

Created with sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, this t-shirt can serve both as an undershirt and a top for a fun day out. 

  • Adaptive and comfortable: Featuring our unique adaptive designs, the Side Opening T-shirt is presented in a minimalistic style. A top that is functional, stylish and comfortable.
  • Suitable for every occasion: A T-shirt that can serve both as an undershirt and a must-have top for a fun day out. 
  • Easy to wear: The Side Opening T-shirt features innovative openings on the sides of the chest, flat seams and no tags to help the dressing process easier and enables to dress independently without the help of others.
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable: 100% cotton, made with soft-touch cotton jersey.